Hello from the Mendocino Farmhouse

Mendocino Farmhouse Margie and Karin KambThis is the first entry on my blog for the Farmhouse. My daughter Karin and I are going to be showing you “Our Mendocino” with both the new and old. Since I have lived here for the past 40 years I have a few memories to share.  Karin will show some crafty fun things and we will both share recipes, and things going on in the area you might be interested in.


In the garden it’s a constant battle with the redwood roots. The two raised beds we built last Spring  really help and I grew some great veggies for the table. The most fun was the fingerling potatoes.

Fingerling Potatoes

I couldn’t find seed potatoes at the local nursery and then I thought, why not go down to Mendosa’s Market and buy some organic fingerling potatoes and give it a try. We’ll it worked great. I only planted a small area and got 10 pounds. They are tasty in my frittatas I make for breakfast so next Spring I’m going to plant more along with my usual red and blue potatoes.

Berryapple cobbler

Karin’s berry-apple cobbler

It’s blackberry picking time and with that comes jam and rustic cobblers.  I have been making blackberry jam from the mountain of berry vines growing over the chicken coop. Blackberry jam is the first jam I made as a beginner. The berries grow along the coastal highways so if you look for them and don’t mind picking your own, they can be inexpensive to boot. All you have to do is pick the berries add sugar and pectin, heat to a boil and put in the jars for months of tasty jam for toast. If it doesn’t set you can always use it for topping on ice cream and don’t forget black berry cobbler. Yummmm


Wooly Bear

One last thing. As I was walking a couple to their room in the Barn Cottage I saw my first  Woolly Bear of the season. These little black and orange stripped caterpillars are around this time of the year looking for a place to rest over winter and turn into a Tiger Moth. They are also said to be a an indicator of winter. The broader the bear’s black bands, the worse the winter. What ever it is I love these little guys and try to not step on them as they rumble along on the ground.