Where did Summer go?

Well, as they say, “Before you know, it will be Thanksgiving.” So far the days of summer are still here but I know that at the end of August the sky will start to show its fall haze and my friend Susan will say the light has changed. It feels like fall.
Remember when you were a kid the first day of  school and your teacher ask you to write something on what you did over the summer?  Well, here goes.

What I did over Summer vacation
June started out with lots of old guests coming back to the Farmhouse and the weather was beautiful. The garden was starting to do it’s thing and I planted my green house with tomatoes and peppers. So far the peppers are doing better. Tomatoes are so hard here. It’s just not warm enough but I do get some nice little Sun Gold tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Mendocino Farmhouse greenhouse with veggies

my little greenhouse tent with wagon full of potatoes and garlic

I planted zinnias and sweet peas in the garden along with sunflowers, zucchini, snap peas, beets and carrots. In March I planted my fingerling potatoes and now I’m harvesting them  to put in omelets for breakfast.

In late June I took a trip on the train to Reno to spend a few days with friends at their horse ranch and on the way home I got on the same train my eldest son and his family had traveled on from Boston on their way to Mendocino. We came through the Sacramento valley when the temperature was in the 100’s so getting back to cool Mendocino was a delight.
4th of July in Mendocino is always fun but to tell you the truth I avoid the town over the holiday. Too many people for me. Many of my guests appreciate the fact that the Farmhouse is out of all that bustle and come back to relax in the sun and quiet of the Farmhouse.

Mendocino Music Festival Mendocino Farmhouse

Mendocino Music Festival tent

The Mendocino Music Festival (July 13-26th)  is over and boy was it a good one. When it started some 25 years ago it was mostly classical music and an opera or choral piece. Now it’s all kinds of music including  Jazz, World,  and Latin.  I saw an awesome Celtic ladies group. They were so entertaining and even had step dancers. The festival is two weeks of performances in a big tent  on the cliffs above Mendocino.

Summer is not quite over yet and there is still plenty of time to enjoy all that Mendocino and the Farmhouse has to offer.
Come for a visit soon