Where did Summer go?

Well, as they say, “Before you know, it will be Thanksgiving.” So far the days of summer are still here but I know that at the end of August the sky will start to show its fall haze and my friend Susan will say the light has changed. It feels like fall.
Remember when you were a kid the first day of  school and your teacher ask you to write something on what you did over the summer?  Well, here goes.

What I did over Summer vacation
June started out with lots of old guests coming back to the Farmhouse and the weather was beautiful. The garden was starting to do it’s thing and I planted my green house with tomatoes and peppers. So far the peppers are doing better. Tomatoes are so hard here. It’s just not warm enough but I do get some nice little Sun Gold tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Mendocino Farmhouse greenhouse with veggies

my little greenhouse tent with wagon full of potatoes and garlic

I planted zinnias and sweet peas in the garden along with sunflowers, zucchini, snap peas, beets and carrots. In March I planted my fingerling potatoes and now I’m harvesting them  to put in omelets for breakfast.

In late June I took a trip on the train to Reno to spend a few days with friends at their horse ranch and on the way home I got on the same train my eldest son and his family had traveled on from Boston on their way to Mendocino. We came through the Sacramento valley when the temperature was in the 100’s so getting back to cool Mendocino was a delight.
4th of July in Mendocino is always fun but to tell you the truth I avoid the town over the holiday. Too many people for me. Many of my guests appreciate the fact that the Farmhouse is out of all that bustle and come back to relax in the sun and quiet of the Farmhouse.

Mendocino Music Festival Mendocino Farmhouse

Mendocino Music Festival tent

The Mendocino Music Festival (July 13-26th)  is over and boy was it a good one. When it started some 25 years ago it was mostly classical music and an opera or choral piece. Now it’s all kinds of music including  Jazz, World,  and Latin.  I saw an awesome Celtic ladies group. They were so entertaining and even had step dancers. The festival is two weeks of performances in a big tent  on the cliffs above Mendocino.

Summer is not quite over yet and there is still plenty of time to enjoy all that Mendocino and the Farmhouse has to offer.
Come for a visit soon


March is here and Spring has sprung!

Spring daffodils at Mendocino Farmhouse

Daffodils at our entrance sign

It never fails here in Mendocino in March. The daffodils start popping,  the garden shows color and the season changes.

There has been very little rain so far this year and we need our rain both early in the season and later so the wells fill for the Summer months. I was glad to see the rain we got last week, but we need a lot more.


The Felting work shop with Carin Engen was  a great success with everyone leaving with a pair of felted slippers. Call me if your are interested and we will set up another time.

Felting class at Mendocino Farmhouse

Felted slippers

Last but not least my chickens are starting to give me lots of eggs. Of course I use them for breakfast in lots of different ways. They are the best. Good girls!

fresh eggs at Mendocino Farmhouse

A bowl of fresh Farmhouse eggs


Years end and more…

It’s the end of 2012 and I’m reflecting on the past year. Not to sound too down but there has been a lot of loss and sadness everywhere and it makes me more thankful than ever to be where I am and hold those I love more dear.

Since the Winter Solstice the days are at last getting just a little bit longer. The garden is fast asleep with nothing growing except my garlic that I planted in November. There has been so much rain I have come to realize that my garden  doesn’t get enough sun and so my son James has been liming up some of the tall redwood trees to the South. Hope this helps but we might have to cut some trees in the future.


Canine Companions for Independence Mendocino Farmhouse Mendocino CA.

Judge remembers me

This last September the puppy I was raising for Canine Companions (Judge) graduated and lives in Seattle as a companion to someone who takes him to work daily so he can assist her in her daily life.   He was a wonderful dog and I miss him a lot but he is fulfilling his destiny with her and I’m proud and happy for him. He is the third pup I raised for CCI.   I still have Sage who I raised and was a breeder caretaker for her five litters ( 38 pups). She has been retired since 2005 and is my companion now.

Fall is here at the Farmhouse

redwood leaves in the FallMy maple trees are turning red and orange and the redwood trees are showing their colors as well. Yes, even the redwood trees show an orange colored leaf that is deep in the branches and falls over everything when the first rains come. When that happens the road coming up to the Farmhouse and also Comptche-Ukiah Road is lined with duff. Cars driving over it create a roadway that looks like new fallen snow except it’s orange. Very pretty.

Red Maple tree at the Mendocino FarmhouseWhen the Farmhouse garden was planted soon after the house was finished I planted two Red Maple trees which are both at least 30 feet high now and this time of the year they are quite spectacular.




Hello from the Mendocino Farmhouse

Mendocino Farmhouse Margie and Karin KambThis is the first entry on my blog for the Farmhouse. My daughter Karin and I are going to be showing you “Our Mendocino” with both the new and old. Since I have lived here for the past 40 years I have a few memories to share.  Karin will show some crafty fun things and we will both share recipes, and things going on in the area you might be interested in.


In the garden it’s a constant battle with the redwood roots. The two raised beds we built last Spring  really help and I grew some great veggies for the table. The most fun was the fingerling potatoes.

Fingerling Potatoes

I couldn’t find seed potatoes at the local nursery and then I thought, why not go down to Mendosa’s Market and buy some organic fingerling potatoes and give it a try. We’ll it worked great. I only planted a small area and got 10 pounds. They are tasty in my frittatas I make for breakfast so next Spring I’m going to plant more along with my usual red and blue potatoes.

Berryapple cobbler

Karin’s berry-apple cobbler

It’s blackberry picking time and with that comes jam and rustic cobblers.  I have been making blackberry jam from the mountain of berry vines growing over the chicken coop. Blackberry jam is the first jam I made as a beginner. The berries grow along the coastal highways so if you look for them and don’t mind picking your own, they can be inexpensive to boot. All you have to do is pick the berries add sugar and pectin, heat to a boil and put in the jars for months of tasty jam for toast. If it doesn’t set you can always use it for topping on ice cream and don’t forget black berry cobbler. Yummmm


Wooly Bear

One last thing. As I was walking a couple to their room in the Barn Cottage I saw my first  Woolly Bear of the season. These little black and orange stripped caterpillars are around this time of the year looking for a place to rest over winter and turn into a Tiger Moth. They are also said to be a an indicator of winter. The broader the bear’s black bands, the worse the winter. What ever it is I love these little guys and try to not step on them as they rumble along on the ground.